Buffet Conditions

  • Ordering food and desserts are valid for 75 minutes (Premium Buffet) / 60 minutes  (Standard Buffet).
  • The dining is valid for 120 minutes (Premium Buffet) / 90 minutes (Standard Buffet).
  • The time starts after the first order is taken.
  • It is not permitted to takeaway the dishes from our buffet menu.
  • People seating at the same table are to have the same type of buffet.
  • Due to health regulations, it is required to use disposable mesh for BBQ, and apply $2 extra mesh.
  • In general, cancelling the order is not available. We recommend not ordering too much. (you can add more but you can't reduce.)
  • If there is too much leftover, there will be an extra charge.
  • Any leftover will be charged at $10 per 100g.